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The seventh China bloom charm Wanma International Wire & cable Exhibition



September 26, 2016 to 29, the seventh session of the China International Wire & cable exhibition held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, Wanma carefully prepared, with superb technical standards, high-tech environmentally friendly products in the W5D61 exhibition dressed appearance, has become a highlight in the same industry again.QQ截图20161129091749.png

The new leader of environmental protection material

Wanma height, is not only the marketing strategy of invincible, more is advocated under the background of the concept of environmental protection, research and development of new material Wanma has been committed to environmental protection, to create a distinct theme and mode innovation, keep abreast of the times, for the future of the new environmental protection materials exhibition.QQ截图20161129091758.png

Research and development of new industry

Electric cars have been into the homes of ordinary consumers for many years. When we face the running of electric vehicles on the road are no surprise and admiration, the production and use of charging pile has become a hot industry, charging cable material is Wanma show the star products, TPU/TPE products have been recognized by industry experts.QQ截图20161129091809.png

Embrace the era of Internet plus

Embrace the Internet + trend, so that new ideas, new technologies, new models for the transformation and upgrading of the polymer material industry to inject vitality. With the advent of the new century, the rise of the concept of the wisdom of the earth, the wisdom of the city, Wanma hall demonstrate a new concept Internet plus.QQ截图20161129091827.png

Experts, customers, vendors, in a continuous line!

This exhibition, Wanma products not only by the vast number of new and old customers love, is attracting a large number of manufacturers and foreign friends.