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Wanma "lean" tour management consulting project officially started to improve


The morning of October 18, 2016, Wanma "lean journey" management improvement consulting project officially started in the company of a floor training room, to attend this meeting will start with the lean improvement project partners Xiangyu consulting firm Liao Haiyan teacher, Chen Shuangli teacher, Hu Zhaohua teacher, Lang Wei teacher, shares platform project consultant Sun Lei, general manager of Shen Weikang polymer and each module is responsible for a total of more than 60 people.

The meeting first by Liu Xuhua deputy general introduction of lean management consulting project organization structure. This project is to establish an expert advisory committee, the group vice chairman Ms. Zhang Shanshan served as chairman of the committee, the general manager of polymer serving as vice president Shen Weikang, members led by shares platform Sun Lei, deputy general Zhou Xiuhua polymer, production vice president Yang Kaijun as. At the same time, the establishment of the project implementation of special working group by Liu Xuhua, vice president served as project director, general manager of marketing center Yang Zhongming, director of the Department of domestic business production, IE Chang Yusheng director Lei Caibing served as deputy director of the project. Shen Zong was awarded the project director and deputy director of the letter of appointment. Subsequently, Yang Zhongming, Chang Yusheng respectively made a position statement on behalf of the marketing system and production system.

At the meeting, Hu Xiangyu to introduce the consulting lean improvement project plan, Chen made to share the wonderful lean management concept. Then, enter the assembly oath links, by Liu Xuhua deputy general lead all Tongren swearing oath, we hold the right fist, impassioned, the scene is full of full of positive energy, followed by the swearing on the list signature.

At the end of the meeting and made a mobilization speech by the general manager of the company Shen Weikang, Shen Zong mobilization let us clearly understand that the current company's environment, the existing gap, but also to see the room for improvement, as long as the team break self-restraint, dare to embrace change, for your dedication, I believe this project will bring management improvement fruitful.